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CUI Inc. Expands Line of Current Sensor Line

CUI Inc. has expanded their line of current sensors to now include open loop, closed loop, high frequency, single power, and switch types. The newly extended line addresses a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications and uses.

CUI carries twelve different series of open loop current sensors. There are several different mounting styles including bus bar insertion, bolt-on, and PCB which are housed in a variety of casing styles. There are two different lines of closed loop current sensors. The CSA-CL and CSG series have current ranges beginning at 5-25A and 100-300A with current measuring ranges starting at 0~+/-10A and up to 0~500A. The CSX-HF series of high frequency current sensors are housed in a 0.68 x 0.37 x 0.80 unit package and offer several different configurations on terminals, turns, and inductance. The single power current sensors have a PCB mount and either a 10A current with 0~+/-32A measuring range or 25A current with 0~+/-80A measuring range. There are now 12 different options in the CSD-SC series of switch current sensors that are PCB mount and cable sensing.

Lead time for all is stock to 3-4 weeks. Pricing for 1,000 piece quantities starts at $7.42/piece for open loop, $3.39/piece for closed loop, $0.95/piece for high frequency, $11.66/piece for single power, and $6.36/piece for switch.

CUI Inc.
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