Concept extends HV IGBT Gate Driver Cores and adds 3D STEP Files

During PCIM Europe, IGBT gate driver manufacturer CT-Concept Technologie GmbH announced the availability of its 1SC0450V single driver core for IGBT modules with blocking voltages of 4.5 kV and 6.5 kV. This highly compact new product enables IGBTs to be paralleled using only one driver core, which further reduces system size and increases reliability. Also during PCIM, Concept announced that 3D STEP files of all its SCALE™-2 IGBT gate drivers are now available to help designers model new systems faster and more accurately. 3D interactive models of the company’s drivers are also included in new application manuals.

A new member of CONCEPT's family of high-voltage gate driver cores, the 1SC0450V is based on the company's SCALE-2 chip set and a partial-discharge-free, low-coupling-capacitance, high-voltage dc-dc transformer. An advanced transformer design allows test voltages up to 10.4 kVrms and a partial discharge extinction voltage of 7800 Vpeak. The driver core measures just 60 mm by 90 mm long with a height by the dc-dc transformer of only 27.50 mm.

Explains Michael Hornkamp, Concept's Director Regional Marketing and System Engineering: "Our family of high-voltage gate driver cores which also includes the 2SC0535T 3.3 kV and 2SC0635T 4.5 kV dual gate driver cores reduces component count, thereby making designs more compact and reliable." Concept's 1SC0450V gate driver cores are suitable to drive all 4.5 kV and 6.5 kV IGBT modules currently available on the market. Target markets include traction and other high-voltage applications.

Concept's SCALE-2 IGBT gate drivers use an ASIC chipset to reduce component count and size, and increase performance, scalability and reliability. This enables designers to optimize dynamic switching performance, accuracy and functionality, providing design flexibility and reducing time-to-market for applications ranging from 150 A to 3600 A and 600 V to 6500 V. 3D STEP models are used by design engineers to identify mechanical conflicts between the driver and other parts of the system an especially useful option in mechanically dense designs.

Comments Oliver Garcia, Director Product Development at Concept: "The STEP format is widely used and allows designers to mechanically model our gate drivers accurately. Also, the new 3D interactive models enable users to view and rotate the driver on-screen so that they can get a better impression of the overall mechanical construction. These two initiatives will help our customers speed up the mechanical design process."

CT-Concept Technologie AG
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