Comparator and Op Amp Families offer Industrial Temperature Ratings

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the industry standard LM2901 quad and LM2903 dual comparators and LM2902 quad and LM2904 dual op amps in an extended temperature rating. Characterized for operation from -40 to +125 degrees C, the parts will suit industrial system design in motion control and process automation applications. With an input common-mode range that includes 0V, the devices operate from a single power supply over a wide voltage range; comparators from 2V to 36V and op amps from 3V to 36V. Split supplies can also be employed with the parts, ±1V to ±18V for the comparators, ±1.5V to ±18V for the op amps.

A very low power supply current consumption is assured by the parts, which is independent of the supply voltage range. The LM2903 dual comparator for example draws only 0.6mA and the LM2904 dual op amp just 0.5mA. Input offset voltage of all parts is also low, at 2mV typical.

The dual devices are offered in the SO-8 package, while for added design flexibility the quad devices are provided in a choice of SO-14 and TSSOP-14 packages. Package pin-outs are industry standard, ensuring pin-to-pin compatibility with alternative industrial grade parts. The 1k quantity price is $100 USD and $90 USD for LM2901 quad and LM2903 dual comparators and $100 USD and $90 USD for LM2902 quad and LM2904 dual op amps.

Diodes Incorporated
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