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Color-Adjustable Smart Lighting Reference Design

Paradoxically, the standby power needed for smart lighting control subsystems often negates any savings that high efficiency LEDs offer. A new joint reference design (DER-612) by Power Integrations and lighting specialist, Casambi Technologies addresses this, detailing a 12W LED downlight design that features sophisticated dimming and color management over Bluetooth® using a smartphone app.

The design is based on Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-CH power supply controller which includes built-in secondary-side auxiliary power output to support RF and MCU control circuitry.

The high efficiency and very low standby power of this IC plus the low quiescent current draw of the Casambi CBM-001 Bluetooth wireless module enables customers to create solutions that meet demanding DOE-6 regulations.

Off-Line Flyback CV/CC Switcher IC with Integrated MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification and Feedback using the InnoSwitch-CH (click on schematic to enlarge)

DER-612 describes a CV/CC flyback power supply with power factor correction for smart lighting applications. The design includes a 3.3V power supply to drive a Casambi CBM-001 Bluetooth wireless module, providing dimming and color management control of the four-string LED load from zero current to 400mA.

(click on schematic to enlarge)

The power supply IC controller device, InnoSwitch-CH combines primary, secondary and feedback circuits in a single surface-mounted off-line flyback switcher IC. It incorporates the primary FET, the primary side controller and a secondary-side synchronous rectification controller.

The device also includes an innovative new technology, FluxLink™, which safely bridges the isolation barrier and eliminates the need for an optocoupler.

The added valley-fill passive power factor correction circuit is a simple and low cost solution to meet power factor requirements for lighting applications. DER-612 using InnoSwitch-CH offers a highly-efficient constant voltage supply with a fast transient load response.

The design achieves high power factor (0.9) at low line. The key design goals were high efficiency, optimized power factor and low components count.

Summary and features:

  • Accurate constant voltage regulation
  • Fast transient load response
  • High power factor
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low standby power
  • Low component count
  • Integrated protection and reliability features
    • Output short-circuit
    • Line and output OVP
    • Line surge or line overvoltage
    • Over temperature shutdown with hysteretic automatic power recovery
  • No damage during line brown-out or brown-in conditions
  • Meets IEC 2.5kV ring wave, 2kV differential surge
  • Meets EN55015 conducted EMI
Casambi Technologies OY , Power Integrations, Inc.
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