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Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Control for Renewable Energy Systems

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc. announced OPTICS RE, a cloud-based user-interface application that provides installers and owners of OutBack systems the ability to easily monitor PV/solar system operation, performance and output via an intuitive dashboard from any Internet-enabled device. Designed to meet the unique needs of both installers and end-users, OPTICS RE reduces system downtime and service calls, while also providing users with more control over their energy production and use, and higher satisfaction levels with their system investment. OutBack Power debutd OPTICS RE at this week’s Intersolar Europe Conference and Exhibition.

"An investment in renewable energy is a large commitment for both homeowners and business owners, which is why those who do invest want to increase their returns by maximizing system performance, minimizing their energy costs, and most important, protecting their system investments," said Harvey Wilkinson, general manager, OutBack Power. "As personal devices are increasingly connecting users to their data, OPTICS RE leverages communications technology to provide users with the energy intelligence to not only optimize their systems for maximum output, but also to quantify their returns in real time."

OPTICS RE was created specifically to improve system oversight and longevity by enabling greater visibility into system performance and health. The OPTICS RE platform provides unique remote monitoring and control capabilities that include sophisticated energy flow metrics, at-a-glance fleet management oversight for installers managing multiple systems for customers, and intuitive control features that reduce overall PV/solar system cost and maintenance.

Additional benefits of OPTICS RE include: Monitoring and control: With OPTICS RE, installers can provide users with varying degrees of control while retaining higher-level functions to ensure optimum system performance and health. Reducing service calls and downtime: OPTICS RE enables installers to remotely monitor system performance, conduct advanced troubleshooting and make adjustments, which can significantly reduce costly on-site maintenance calls and ensure higher customer satisfaction. Maintaining customer connection: By involving users in the management of their systems, installers can enhance the value of the relationship. OPTICS RE also reinforces the value of a system, which helps to reduce any buyer's remorse and further encourage solar adoption. Providing a consistent source of customer-generated leads: Customers interacting and satisfied with their systems are more likely to refer others to their installer. Staying connected with a green lifestyle: System owners can actually see their energy use and renewable energy savings, and based on that, can demonstrate their overall environmental impact and carbon reduction as a result of their commitment to clean technology.

“As someone who manages multiple solar power sites, I am always looking for ways to make my process more efficient. The ability to monitor system data remotely will not only save me time and money by ensuring that I only make site visits when necessary, it will also benefit my customers by involving them in the oversight of their systems,” said Mankat Dewa, CEO of Glotek Ideal Solution, a Nigerian-based company that develops and manages solar construction projects.

OPTICS RE will be available in late July with the release of the monitoring capability, followed by the control functionality in late October. OPTICS RE will be included free of charge with the purchase of a new MATE3 or AXS Port system controller and can be added to existing MATE3 or AXS Port controllers for a fee.

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