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Choice of AC- or DC-Input for Railway and other Harsh Environments

MEN Micro Inc. now offers two power supply units, the PU20 (dc) and the PU21 (ac), for reliable computer power sourcing required in onboard or wayside railway applications as well as other harsh environment applications. The redundant power monitoring and inverse current protection offered by these units helps to secure a constant output of power in harsh environments. Designed with conformal coated electronics as well as a robust H15 rear connector, these new units are protected from both moisture and vibration. Both the PU20 and PU21 offer high functional reliability. Should power be lost for any reason, voltage is evenly distributed to the remaining working units, ensuring a consistent and constant current power output.

Developed according to EN 50155, both units are able to accommodate different voltage inputs on trains as well as on the tracks. The PU20 automatically detects input voltage for 24-, 72- and 110-Vdc and can be manually configured for 36-, 48-, 74- and 96-Vdc. The PU21 offers a wide input voltage range from 100-Vac to 240-Vac.

Output power for each unit is 125W at the standard output voltage of 5V; while standby power is 5W at 5V, allowing users to start the power supply units with a wireless connection. An integrated microcontroller monitors the ports, voltage as well as temperature to ensure safety.

These pluggable power supplies are offered in single Eurocard format (3U) and are designed for use in 19″ systems such as CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial and VMEbus, and need only 6 HP at the front. They have an extended operating temperature of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. Equipped for SIL applications, these new fail-safe units are also certified to S-9401. Pricing for the PU20 (dc) or the PU21 (ac) is $565 per unit. Delivery is six to eight weeks ARO.

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