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CES Power Highlights – Adapters and Chargers

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) witnessed several significant ac-dc adapter and battery charger product introductions including: FINsix Corporation announcement of an ultra-small 65W laptop adapter based on the company’s VHF power switching technology. Thinium Technologies, Inc. introduction of the first ultra-thin wall charger that folds flat and is about the size of a credit card. And the unveiling of the EJ888 USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller IC from Etron Technology, Inc., based on the USB-IF’s USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification, which enables USB power delivery up to 100W.

The 65W FINsix adapter is 4x smaller and 6x lighter than today's adapters. It comes in a wall plug form factor, thus eliminating the thick and inflexible AC cable. By having an auxiliary 2.1A USB port, it eliminates the need to carry chargers for other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile professionals, students, and everyone on the go will appreciate the incredible portability of this adapter. While laptops have gotten significantly smaller and lighter over the last decade, the power "bricks" necessary to charge these devices remain large and bulky. The FINsix adapter solves this problem.

FINsix's highly miniaturized laptop adapters are made possible by its Very High Frequency (VHF) power conversion technology. This novel technology has switching frequencies between 30MHz and 300MHz. FINsix's VHF technology is covered by 20 issued and pending patents. FINsix will begin production of its innovative 65W adapter in mid-2014.

"We are excited to offer a universal adapter that will lighten the load of today's mobile professional," said Vanessa Green, chief executive office of FINsix Corporation. "Consumer electronics devices have migrated to smaller and more portable form factors and FINsix's adapter gives power electronics the unprecedented ability to align with this trend".

Thinium Technologies debuted its line of ultra-slim, portable chargers for mobile devices. Thinium Charge is the first ultra-thin wall charger that folds flat, transforming into a compact, durable, self-encased unit about the size of a credit card that easily fits into a wallet, pocket or purse. It charges smartphones and other mobile devices directly from an outlet or USB charging source without the need for cables. The company also introduced the multifunction Thinium ReCharge that combines the convenience of a rechargeable battery pack with the company's trademark super thin wall charger, offering consumers a stylish new option in cordless on-the-go charging.

The Thinium Charge allows for smartphone charging directly from a standard wall outlet, without the need for a cable. For total versatility, it also has an integrated USB cable, hidden within the card's clean edges, that allows users to charge from a computer or any USB charging source. When not in use, the clever design hides and protects the connectors, USB cable, and foldable wall blades, making it remarkably portable and easy to store. To use the Thinium Charge, simply slide out the charging dock, connect your phone or mobile device, flip down the foldable wall blades and plug into any wall outlet.

Etron Technology announced its latest USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller IC EJ888, based on the USB-IF's USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification, which enables USB power delivery from 10 watts to 100 watts, and significantly reduces device charging time. In addition, it makes power delivery more flexible by adding full bi-directional power that can be renegotiated as system power needs change with the end-user. EJ888 optimizes user mobility by allowing data transmission and power delivery to be combined on a single USB cable. Its advanced power voltage, power stream, and communication features enable low-power-consumption devices, such as phones and MP3 players, and even higher-power-consumption appliances, such as computer monitors and laptops, to be powered via USB.

"USB Power Delivery will help simplify the lives of consumers by providing a single-cable for data and power delivery up to 100 watts," said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President & COO. "USB-IF member companies like Etron that incorporate USB PD into products and solutions further the efforts toward universal charging."

"For early market engagement, Etron's latest USB Power Delivery Controller IC EJ888 is based on the USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification. In addition, it supports USB-IF Battery Charging 1.2 for any portable device. The EJ888 Chip enables higher voltage and current in order to deliver power up to 100 watts, with 20V to the full 5A, via USB. Utilizing bi-directional power delivery, EJ188 automatically detects current sources and sinks, and performs a negotiated handshake via VBus. It allows users to access simple Plug-and-Charge via USB and meets the needs of USB PD developers," said Dr. Nicky Lu, Etron Technology Chairman & CEO.

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