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CEA Launches Energy Consumption Standard for Small Network Equipment

At the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® Technology & Standards Forum in Seattle today, CEA announced that its Home Networks Committee has formed the Network Device Energy Consumption Working Group. The group’s formation is in response to the growing need for harmonized industry standards to measure the energy consumption of network devices like modems, access points, routers, and switches.

"Energy measurement standards for small network equipment will ensure that all manufacturers are using the same testing protocols and making apples-to-apples comparisons of energy consumption," said Kevin Marez, principal systems engineer, ARRIS, and chair of the new working group. "This standard can be used by stakeholders to accurately determine the energy profiles of these ubiquitous devices."

CEA works cooperatively with stakeholders in developing standards for the consumer electronics industry under an open, balanced and accredited process. These technical standards promote promising innovation, while addressing important public policy goals such as energy efficiency. Reliance on industry-led, voluntary standards promotes rapid innovation and eliminates the need for duplicative and unnecessary regulation.

All interested stakeholders, including users of small network equipment, are encouraged to participate in this new work effort by joining both the working group and CEA’s Home Networks Committee. CEA is particularly interested in adding new committee members (called “users”) who acquire networking products from those who create them.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
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