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Car Navigation LCD PMIC Integrates 5 Output Voltages

Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of the TC7735FTG, a system power management IC (PMIC) for the medium-sized LCD modules that are mainly used in car navigation systems. Sample shipments start immediately. LCD modules require maximum five different voltage power supplies to drive the controller and drivers. The IC integrates 2 channels of dc-dc converters, 2 channels of charge pumps, and one operational amplifier. This allows LCD modules to be driven with a single chip, reducing mounting area. The device also supports a wide operational voltage range from 4.5 to 16V, which enables direct power supply from car batteries and allows for use in car navigation systems.

The IC integrates an OTP memory1, allowing it to store different power control set-up data for each LCD modules. This PMIC adopts automatic buck-boost converter that identifies input voltage and selects operation mode (buck or boost), eliminating control by external command and includes built-in over-temperature protection for adjustable power control of each LCD. The switching frequency of the internal clock is 1.0 MHz. With an external source, the frequency can be adjusted from 400kHz to 1.2Mhz.

The output voltage ranges of the various outputs are as follows: CH1: automatic buck-boost dc-dc converter, 5V to 15V; CH2: buck dc-dc converter, 3V to 5V; CH3: positive charge pump, 14V to 22V; CH4: negative charge pump, -5V to -15V; and the operational amplifier for VCOM 0.5 to7.5V. Safety functions include; Input under voltage detection, Input over voltage detection, Thermal shutdown, and Output over voltage detection. The device is packaged in a 32-pin QFN (5mm X 5mm).

Toshiba Corporation
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