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CamSemi Targets Lower Cost USB Chargers for New Generation Smartphones

CamSemi has announced the first of a new family of Primary Side Sensing (PSS) “fast start” flyback controllers to offer the cost, performance and end-user benefits of integrated start-up. The new C5183 PSS controller features an integrated active Ultra High Voltage (UHV) device that allows charging to start in under 0.1 seconds and delivers five star-rated no-load power performance (NLP) of less than 30 mW. This latest controller will enable a new generation of lower cost, high performance USB chargers for rapid charging of smartphones with extended battery lives, as well as media tablets and other universal input applications rated above 8 W.

Integrated start-up also allows CamSemi’s latest PSS controller to offer faster, lower cost product testing and a better end-user experience, while eliminating several components compared with competitive approaches at this power level. Most of today’s five-star designs were originally developed for low power, mobile phone charger applications but rely on extra components, external start-up switches and additional circuitry to deliver the required performance.

CamSemi’s new “fast start” PSS controller exploits several novel techniques to help manufacturers to further reduce system costs, component counts and product form factors. Key features include: switching frequency dither and edge-rate control for low EMI plus superior ripple and low common mode noise that is equivalent to the demanding performance levels required by IEC 62684 and EN 301 489-34 standards for common mobile phone chargers.

“CamSemi’s new C5180 family is being launched to help manufacturers develop simpler, lower cost and more compact USB chargers and C5183 — as the first product — already looks set to become a market winner. A number of lead customers are finalising their first C5183 designs and CamSemi expects them to move into production very soon,” said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi.

C5183 offers many of the same key designs benefits as the company’s existing PSS controller families, such as quasi-resonant switching for excellent light load efficiency with low EMI and full featured protection, as well as “best in class” current and voltage regulation of +/- 5% without board-level trimming.

C5183PX8 is packaged in SOP-8 and samples are available now. A shortform datasheet can be downloaded from the company’s website with more detailed information, design and regulatory compliance support available from CamSemi or one of the company’s distributors.

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