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Buggy Rover Motion Control Development Platform

Buggy is a robot rover platform expandable with all sorts of sensors and transceivers. It’s a dream car for hackers and makers. Multiple are kits available.

Buggy is a motorized development platform; 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, ARM, PIC, AVR? With the MikroE Buggy you’ll be on your own terrain – it’s essentially a four-wheeled mikromedia or clicker 2 workstation.

Once you attach the board of your choice, the Buggy becomes a battery-powered motorized development platform – with plenty options to equip and modify it with additional functionality. You won’t get a speeding ticket on the road for it, but when it comes to getting from 0 to prototype, these are the hottest wheels around.

Make it unique

click boards will make each Buggy unique and different. There are more than a 250 clicks available, and among them are all types of sensors and transceivers. The Buggy has three mikroBUS sockets, plus two more if a clicker 2 board is attached. Click here to get some ideas.

Buggy parts (click on image to enlarge)

Download App and go for a ride

If you want to take your Buggy for a spin as soon as possible, attach BLE P click to one of the three mikroBUS sockets, and install the free Buggy Android app on your nearest Bluetooth Low Energy compatible smartphone or tablet. The source code is available for free. Use it to tailor the app for any number of specific uses you intended for the Buggy. If you purchase a Buggy kit with a clicker 2 board, the firmware is preinstalled.

Buggy mechanical specifications (click on image to enlarge)

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