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Benning Targets Material Handling Industry with LIONIC Battery System

Benning GmbH has introduced its LIONIC® 24-V energy systems that consist of 8 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells connected in series and are available with capacities of 120Ah, 240Ah, 360Ah and 480Ah. LIONIC® energy systems are suitable for the majority of industrial trucks powered by 24-V batteries and are about 50% lighter and about 30% smaller than comparable lead-acid batteries. Every 24-V energy system is fitted in a robust housing together with a Battery Management System (BMS) and can be integrated into standard battery trays.

LIONIC® reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of industrial truck operations in several ways including; Fast charging, Opportunity charging, Maintenance-free, no topping up with water, Low operating costs, Long life > 3000 cycles, Reliable operation. In a comparison with conventional lead-acid batteries, Benning's LIONIC batteries provide the following performance improvements: up to 140 Wh/kg compared with 40 Wh/kg; up to 95% charging efficiency compared with up to 70% charging efficiency; over 3,000 charging cycles compared with 1,200 charging cycles; no required maintenance compared with the need for regular maintenance; and emission-free (no out-gassing) charging compared with gassing and water loss during charging.

In the area of charging in particular, the new LIONIC batteries enable opportunity charging with no loss of capacity and no negative impact on service life. And they can be charged to about 90% of capacity in about 2 hours (or less) compared with lead-acid batteries that require about 3 hours to reach 50% capacity and 6 to 7 hours to reach 90%. Opportunity charging can restore 37.5% charge in half-an-hour at a charge rate of 0.75C, eliminating the need for a second battery pack and extending operating times.

In addition, the LIONIC® Monitoring Software includes data transmission to laptop using infrared interface, current measuring data, and ong-term measuring data. It is essential for battery-powered industrial trucks to have a high availability and to operate reliably and efficiently. The control of the charging/discharging process for the traction batteries and the monitoring of battery temperatures are important measures for ensuring the maximum availability of the truck fleet at all times and is fully-supported by the LIONIC Monitoring Software.

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