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Audio System Regulator IC Handles All Power Requirements

Toshiba Corporation‘s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of the TCB010FNG, a system regulator IC designed to handle the increasing sophistication of car audio systems, and that incorporates the required power supply plus all essential detection functions. Sample shipments start today with mass production scheduled for June.

The TCB010FNG incorporates a power supply for a microcontroller that retains power for a time more than sufficient for any short loss of battery power, multiple variable power supplies, plus a fixed power supply. It also incorporates a number of detection functions, such as ACC voltage detection and accessory power voltage detection, making it a single-chip solution covering all power requirements of car audio systems. As another plus, the IC is configured with series regulators, allowing users to design a system with no concerns for the impact of unnecessary radiation.

Main specifications include: VDD includes three channels, 3.3V at 300mA, 5V at 200mA, 3.3V at 1.3A; ILM includes two channels, 4.5- to 8.5Vdc at 400mA, 5V- to 8.5-Vdc 2A; Operating supply voltage range of 4.9- to 18-Vdc (output dependent); functions include two high-side switches, ACC voltage detection (threshold variable), accessory voltage detection function (threshold variable), microcontroller output voltage detection function (output pulse range variable), power amplifier IC mute control detection (output pulse range variable), and output backup function for microcontroller.

The TCB010FNG is delivered in a P-HSSOP36-1116-0.65 package and has a price of 600 yen in sample quantities.

Toshiba International Corp.
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