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Audio Power Amplifier ICs for Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System

Toshiba Corporation announced the launch of the TB2909FNG an audio power amplifier IC that supports external audible outputs from vehicles, allowing use of electric vehicle warning sound systems in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Mass production shipments will start immediately. HEVs and EVs operating in all-electric mode without combustion engine run quietly, and they increasingly are being equipped with electric vehicle warning sound systems that simulate engine sound, so that pedestrians can recognize their approaching.

The TB2909FNG includes both a 5-W output and a 3-W output with THD = 0.8%. The device operates over a voltage range of 6V to 16V. It includes both "mute" and "standby" capabilities. The TB2909FNG guarantees operation at up to 110 degrees C, allowing use in electric vehicle warning sound system where stable operation at high temperature is required. The IC also integrates a wide range of abnormality detection functions and protection circuits, contributing to the safety and simplification of automotive systems.

Key features include: Operating temperature range of Ta = -40 to 110 degrees C; Variety of abnormality detection functions including Speaker open, Output shorted to GND or VCC, Detection of high temperature, Detection of overload; Variety of protection circuits including Thermal Shut Down, Over-voltage, Output to VCC, Output to GND, Shorted load; and a small sized package in a TSSOP16.

Toshiba Corporation
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