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APC Intros Silcon DP300E UPS Series

American Power Conversion Corp. (APC, West Kingston, RI) has introduced the APC Silcon DP300E Series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in 10-80 kVA. These large datacenter and facilities solutions incorporated APC's patented Delta Conversion technology, which is claimed to significantly lower overall operating and installation costs. Claimed to offer better performance and uptime at lower operational and installation costs than legacy three-phase UPSs, APC's Delta Conversion technology is designed to reduce annual power consumption costs, saving enough money over five years to purchase the UPS system.According to APC, the Silcon DP 300E UPSs offer reliable, on-line technology which when used in parallel provides redundant operation and high overload capability; high on-line systems efficiency and input power factor correction to reduce operating costs; low input current harmonic distortion of 5 percent or less, compared to 30-35 percent in legacy UPSs; ratings for full output in kW to support new, high power factor computer loads and provide 20-30 percent increased power protection capacity; and low input current distortion and adjustable soft start feature to eliminate the need for oversized diesel generators. Advanced Battery Monitoring (ABM) tracks battery data to maximize battery life, and programmable features such as Advanced Power Management are incorporated to optimize reliability. Intelligent shutdown and systems monitoring capabilities prevent data corruption or loss in the event of a power disturbance.APC says their Delta Conversion technology is the "next step in providing innovative centralized UPS protection for a broad range of electrical equipment, from mainframe computers to enterprise-wide EDP installations to telecommunications and industrial equipment."

American Power Conversion Corp.
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