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AnalogicTech Debuts AAT1154/AAT1155 DC Converters

Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech, Sunnyvale, CA), a developer of power management solutions, introduced two new, compact, high-efficiency, step-down converters for space-constrained, wired electronic equipment applications. Combining high-frequency operation, low output ripple and full internal compensation, the new AAT1154 and AAT1155 buck dc-dc converters deliver 3.0 A and 2.5 A output current in small SOP-8 and MSOP-8 packages, respectively.

The AAT1154 and AAT1155 constant PWM mode converters offer up to 95% efficiency and support a maximum voltage input up to 5.5 V. The AAT1154 and AAT1155 supply both a fixed and adjustable output over a 1.0 V to 4.2 V range. On both devices, an internal compensation circuit simplifies system design and minimizes external parts count. The two new converters also feature internal soft start, current limit and over-temperature protection to maximize device reliability.

Both devices are qualified across the standard -40 °C to +85 °C industrial temperature range. The AAT1154 in a SOP-8 package sells for $1.22 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Pricing for the AAT1155 in an MSOP-8 package starts at $1.18 in 1,000-piece quantities.

Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc.
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