Amantys and Avago Collaboration to be on view at PCIM Europe

Amantys, Ltd. has announced the successful implementation of its Amantys Power Insight communications protocol over 50MBd Versatile Link transmitters and receivers from Avago Technologies Ltd. Avago is working with Amantys to bring improved system information to its customers. As part of this cooperation Avago will develop a Versatile Link solution that benefits from the Amantys Power Insight capability.

Commenting on the announcement, Amantys CEO Erwin Wolf said: “This announcement endorses our strategy to develop solutions for intelligent control to power electronics systems. Our customers widely use Avago fiber optics in their systems so this development is of significant benefit to both companies."

Martin Weigert, Vice President and General Manager for Industrial Fiber Products at Avago, added, "We are delighted with the rapid progress we've made since Avago engaged with Amantys last year and this announcement marks the first results of our partnership."

The development of Insight is being driven to bring more intelligence into the power switching process. Armed with information harvested from the heart of the power switching system via Insight developers have the exciting prospect of being able to make use of it in their control plane to adapt their system during operation to achieve improved performance, availability and product life.

Amantys Power Insight provides several important capabilities including: Monitoring of key system parameters at the IGBT switch during system operation; Reporting back detailed fault codes which help the system operator understand the nature of problems in the switch; and Configuring the switching characteristics of the IGBT module remotely to match operational demands.

At PCIM 2014 in Nuremberg, both companies will demonstrate how Amantys Power Insight has been deployed to optimize the transceiver transmit power, a critical factor in the lifetime of fiber optic products; the show runs from the 20th to 22nd of May.

Avago Technologies , Amantys Ltd.
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