AgileSwitch announces new Power Stack Communication System

AgileSwitch LLC has announced the availability its new serial communication protocol that allows better monitoring of IGBTs for improved performance and reliability. The Company is demonstrating this capability in the new AgileStack™ system. Current standards in IGBT power stacks limit information flow to the host controller, restricting the ability to adequately monitor all functional aspects while the power stack is in service.

The AgileStack utilizes a differential high-speed interface between the IGBT gate drive board system and controller. This enables 45 unique points of fault controls, monitoring and reporting, including, for each IGBT Half Bridge (both HI and LO), Dsat, Overshoot/Active Clamping, UVLO, Gate Acknowledge, Cross Latch/Shoot Thru, DC Link Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Over temp, DC Link Voltage, Current, and Temperature. The company is offering connection options in various levels of complexity, depending on customer requirements. Each serial interface option is able to support single or multiple power stack applications and supports star or daisy chain interconnect configurations.

The new communications protocols will be debuted at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) in Fort Worth, Texas on March 18, 2014. Demonstrations are scheduled at the AgileSwitch office in Hall D at APEC. AgileSwitch CTO, Albert Charpentier, will be speaking at APEC 2014 on the topic at 10a.m. on March 18, 2014 under the IS3.1 High Power Industrial Session chaired by Dr. Krishna Shenai in Room 201C of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

AgileSwitch, LLC
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