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AEG Power Solutions Introduces Rectifier for Demanding Industrial Applications

AEG Power Solutions today announced the introduction of a new generation of compact rectifier for demanding industrial applications, the mSPRe. The mSPRe main features include isolation transformer, proven reliable thyristor-controlled technology, tropicalized control electronic cards, power protections and cabinet protection IP21, make the product suitable for operation in any industrial application. The mSPRe is unique on the market with its intelligent battery management system for a broad variety of battery type such as nickel-cadmium (NiCd), lead acid (LA) as well as Li-ion. The batteries can be installed directly in the cabinet or in separate matching battery cabinet.

“We are proud to expand our Protect RCS family with this compact rectifier, optimized for harsh environments and demanding applications”, explains Dominik Pawlik, product line manager. This confirms AEG Power Solutions is one of the leading AC & DC Power Solutions providers who can supply a wide range of power ratings”

AEG Power Solutions has designed the mSPRe to be used as a stand-alone dc power supply with single phase wide range input of 230Vac. The available power range is from 10-25A with output voltage: 24V, 48V, 60V and 110V. The mSPRe offers highest levels of reliability and cost-effective protection across industrial sectors as diverse as power-generation, transmission, switching, distribution, utilities, oil & gas, petro-chemical, infrastructure and transportation applications.

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