AEC-Q200 Inductors with Low Resistance and High Saturation Currents

Bourns, Inc. today introduced three new series of AEC-Q200 qualified high current shielded power inductor products. The Bourns® Models PQ2614BLA, PQ2614BHA andPQ2617BHA are designed with a flat wire winding offering exceptionally low DC and AC resistance and high saturation current of over 100A.

The flat wirewound design also provides a compact, highly efficient inductance solution. These features make the new inductor products particularly well-suited for automotive power conversion applications as well as dc-dc converters, switch-mode power supplies and filtering applications in consumer, industrial, medical and communications electronics.

Boosting the overall efficiency of dc-dc converters, these inductors feature low power dissipation combined with the low core loss nature of their ferrite core construction.

In addition, these devices are mounted on a plastic base designed with an extra solder pad for increased mechanical stability. The series are offered with extended operating temperature ranges from -40 to +155 degrees C and inductance values of 1- to 33-µH.

The Bourns® Model PQ2614BLA, PQ2614BHA andPQ2617BHA series are available now and are RoHS compliant and halogen free. As a pricing reference, the Bourns¨ Model PQ2614BLA is priced at $1.80 each in 5k piece quantities.

Bourns, Inc.
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