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AEC-Q101 TVS Diode Boosts Power Dissipation without Redesigning Circuits

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the TPSMB Series Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diode, designed for secondary protection of sensitive automotive and other electronics from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events. Because it complies with the Automotive Electronics Council’s Q101 Stress Test Qualification for Automotive Grade Discrete Semiconductors (AEC-Q101 qualified), it’s designed for protecting I/O interfaces, VCC bus and other vulnerable circuits used in automotive applications. Its compact, low-profile DO-214AA SMB package simplifies board layout and is one of the most popular form factors for automotive applications.

TPSMB Series TVS Diodes are available in standoff voltage ratings ranging from 10V to 77V for both uni-directional and bi-directional devices, which allows it to fulfill all design requirements for a wide range of automotive applications. Typical applications of the TPSMB Series include DC power protection and ESD protection in automotive electronics like electronic control units, sensors, and entertainment systems, as well as in portable devices that require high reliability.

"The TPSMB Series' compact DO-214AA package and 600W rating combine to make it a great solution for secondary protection in high reliability, automotive, and portable device applications," said Charlie Cai, global product manager for Automotive TVS and High Reliability TVS diodes. "They are also AEC-Q101 qualified, which is important to automakers because it means they're suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component level qualification testing."

TPSMB Series Automotive TVS Diodes offer these key features and benefits: 600W Pppm (peak pulse power) dissipation rating (10-1000 waveform); AEC-Q101 qualified; SMB package (DO-214AA); Both uni-directional and bi-directional polarity devices offer 11V to 77V standoff voltage range; and Complies with IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 610000-4-4 standards. TPSMB Series Automotive TVS Diodes are available in quantities of 3,000 in tape and reel packaging.

Littelfuse, Inc.
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