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Adara Partners with Aquion for Intelligent Energy Storage

Adara Power announced that its iC3 Platform now supports Aquion Energy‘s Aspen Batteries, which feature Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology. The Adara iC3 Platform adds intelligent controls and cloud connectivity to Aquion’s environmentally-friendly batteries to deliver a complete energy storage system that is remotely monitored and dispatched for grid-connected applications.

"The wide variety of applications for energy storage requires a range of battery chemistries coupled with flexible software controls. The integration of the Adara iC3 Platform with Aquion's innovative battery chemistry embodies our philosophy that a multitude of energy storage technologies is required to meet the global demand for clean, renewable power," stated Neil Maguire, Chief Executive Officer, Adara Power. "We've long admired Aquion's commitment to manufacturing safe, low cost, long duration batteries that replace traditional lead acid batteries and other chemistries with a clean and sustainable alternative."

Adara's iC3 Platform enables the Aquion Energy Aspen Batteries to be deployed for aggregated demand response programs and to meet utility and local regulations that require robust controls and remote programmability.

"As Aquion continues to engage with utilities and large customers around the world, we see a significant opportunity for fleet management software and more sophisticated control systems to be deployed with our batteries," said Scott Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Aquion Energy. "By integrating the Adara iC3 Platform with our Aspen Battery Series, customers will have a best-of-breed solution that intelligently applies and monitors energy usage strategies for virtually any use case."

The Adara iC3 Platform tightly integrates battery and inverter controls with cloud-based software and a robust IoT connectivity solution. The Adara iC3 Controller is an intelligent hardware and firmware device that optimizes battery life and performance relative to a facility's electrical load demand.

The iC3 Cloud monitors all energy storage installations in order to provide near real-time data on battery and inverter performance, as well as grid and building load data. The iC3 Connectivity solution includes device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration, which includes a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that is available to enable integration to higher-level building energy management systems and for utility smart grid services.

Aquion Energy, Inc. , Adara Power
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