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Active Power Intros GenSTART System/Program

Active Power Inc. (Austin, TX), a developer of battery-free, power quality products, announced its new GenSTART Retrofit Program aimed at enhancing reliability in existing engine generator installations. The patented GenSTART Systems eliminate the number one reason generator sets fail to start – dead or weak lead-acid starter batteries. The GenSTART products are suitable for existing generator installations as well as uninterruptible power supplies.

The program features the battery-free GenSTART system that increases starting reliability for up to 8 MW of multiple standby engine generators and individual GenSTART modules that can supply 1,725 A (cold-cranking) to generator set starter motors. Both products supply engine generators with assured starting power at startup.

Backed by a one-year warranty, the GenSTART battery-free systems are available now. They meet the UL, FCC and CSA standards. Each GenSTART module converts three-phase 480 Vac from an uninterrupted power source to 24 Vdc to supply immediate genset start power. The GenSTART system incorporates Active Power’s CleanSource energy storage flywheel to deliver 250 kW of power to the starting modules for additional reliability of the overall configuration.

Active Power Inc.
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