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Welcome to PowerPulse, the place where the power engineering community can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration to help you keep pace with relentless innovation, influence the conversation and take your insights to another level.

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How We Started

We started up in 1992, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. PowerPulse was originally founded by Jeff Shepard as part of Darnell Group, in the family home basement that was converted into a home office. From our on-demand FAX-based newsletter beginnings (remember those?!), it didn’t take long to recognize the potential power of the Internet. Initially called Power Electronics International in 1995 before being renamed, in the spring of 1999 PowerPulse.Net was born, launching the first daily news website for the global power electronics engineering community.

While Jeff is still involved as our Editor-in-Chief, and his wife Traci still leading marketing and business development, his son Paul, who drives the digital publishing technology, has since taken the reigns. PowerPulse truly is a family business. While the company name may have changed from Darnell Group to Opportunity Media, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and subscribers. We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

What We Do

PowerPulse is published by Opportunity Media Inc., and is the leading source for practical design information and the latest technology and industry developments covering all aspects of power semiconductors and power electronics.

PowerPulse delivers the industry’s only daily news service via PowerPulseDaily emails to over 50,000 subscribers; delivering over 1 million email updates monthly to subscribers.

PowerPulse specializes in identifying market and sales opportunities for advertisers through a customized mix of content marketing driving lead generation, and display advertising increasing brand awareness and share of mind by leveraging our effective frequency, and increasing on-site engagement by delivering click-thrus to advertiser websites.

PowerPulse has been connecting power system engineers with the latest solutions and advertisers with power system engineers for over 20 years.

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Meet Our Team

Paul Shepard, Publisher / Editorial Director

Paul has a passion for tinkering with web technology and drives the digital publishing for PowerPulse. As a former designer and code monkey, he has been developing websites since the mid-90s and has a seemingly endless natural curiosity about how to apply new techniques and technologies to make things work more efficiently, more effectively, or just plain better. Paul is a holistic thinker who finds extreme joy in merging the power of strategic thinking, customer centric design and analytics to drive results. Paul has one daughter in college, enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing his guitar and is a self-described audiophile.


Jeff Shepard, Editor-in-Chief

Jeff has a passion for power engineering innovation and market dynamics. He has been active in the power electronics industry since 1979. With over 40-years experience in power electronics publishing and consulting he has published thousands of articles and papers, written hundreds of research reports and made scores of presentations to industry groups including a Plenary Session talk at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference. When he is not identifying, quantifying or writing about the latest emerging power electronics technologies, his interests include nature and architectural photography, hiking and camping.


Traci Shepard, Associate Publisher / Managing Editor

Traci has a passion for creative marketing communications strategies and a knack for knowing how to most effectively deliver that message. Savvy and successful marketers are known as people persons, and Traci is no exception. Her broad experience includes leadership positions in strategic planning, operations, finance, sales and marketing communications with several multi-billion dollar companies. With over 20-years in sales and advertising she understands businesses aren’t built by technology, but by people. She has the unique ability to quickly spot challenges and opportunities, and understands how to best present a message to get the right response. Traci, a mother of six grown children, enjoys the arts, culinary experimentation and adores her ever-present shadow, her little dog Sophie.

Join Over 50,000 Subscribers!

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