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A4WP Collaborating with Asia Standards Development Organizations

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) announced the signing of separate memoranda of understanding with the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), Japan’s Yokosuka Research Park Broadband Wireless Forum (YRP-BWF) and Korea’s Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) each aimed at the adoption of the A4WP baseline system specification (BSS) as an element of respective, independently-managed national wireless power transfer technical standards.

A core element of the A4WP mission is a commitment to working collaboratively with standards development organizations (SDO) on a national, regional and international basis. Each SDO operates according to its own schedule in response to unique national regulatory, and local and global market conditions. Asia SDO collaborations are uniquely significant as more than half of the A4WP membership is from Greater China, Japan or Korea.

"China standards organizations have always been willing to adopt the technologies and standards which have been generally supported by the global industry and accepted by the global market. China’s enterprises are also very active in contributing to the international standardization activities," said CCSA Secretary General Zemin Yang. "I believe the cooperation between CCSA and A4WP will help to foster the Chinese market which will profit from A4WP standards and to promote the contribution from Chinese industry to the global standardization activities on wireless power transfer."

"The YRP-BWF wireless power transmission working group develops technical standards for the Japan market and participates in regional and international harmonization of next-generation wireless power transfer technologies on behalf of the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), a Japanese standards development organization," said YRP-BWF wireless power transmission working group chair Dr. Hiroki Shoki. "We are pleased to collaborate with the A4WP towards adoption of the BSS as a Japan national technical standard."

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP
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