PowerPulse Weekly for November 5, 2018

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Power Spotlight (Updated November 5, 2018)
"Accurate Inductor Loss Determination"

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In a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) the majority of any power losses that occur are in the form of switching and magnetic losses. Magnetic loss occurs from the core… Read More
  • Friday Feature (Updated November 2, 2018)
  • A Solar Cell that Does Double Duty for Renewable Energy

    In the quest for abundant, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, scientists have sought to harvest the sun’s energy through “water splitting,” an artificial photosynthesis technique that uses sunlight to generate…
  • Material Development (Updated October 29, 2018)
  • Ready-to-Use, 600-V GaN FET Power Stages Supports up to 10kW

    Texas Instruments (TI) today announced a new portfolio of ready-to-use, 600-V gallium nitride (GaN), 50-mΩ and 70-mΩ power stages to support applications up to 10kW. The LMG341x family enables designers…

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