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90W LED Power Supplies feature Active PFC

Mean Well Enterprises Co. Ltd. has released the new 90W single output LED power supply with active PFC function, the NPF-90, NPF-90D and PWM-90 series. Expected to satisfy the global energy saving concern for luminaries, these three series all come with the setup time less than 500ms, no-load power consumption less than 0.5W (for NPF-90, it is less than 0.15W) in addition to built-in active PFC function.

Highlight for each individual series include: NPF-90 exploits the "constant voltage (CV)+constant current (CC) mode" design that allows this series to work ideally for the major LED lighting application; NPF-90D further provides the 3 in 1 dimming function that the lighting fixture designers are able to adjust the light intensity via 0 to 10Vdc, pwm signal, or resistance and realize further energy saving; PWM-90 provides the "constant voltage mode" design and the pwm style output as well as the 2 in 1 dimming function (0 to 10Vdc or pwm signal) that enables this series to work perfectly with LED strips or the LED luminaries using current limiting resistors and supply the complete dimming function at the same time.

NPF-90, NPF-90D and PWM-90 are all Class II power unit (no FG). The input end accepts a universal ac input from 90 to 305 Vac. These three series all adopt the 94V-0 flame retardant plastic enclosure, and the interior is fully-filled with heat conductive silicone; in addition, efficiency is up to 91% enabling these power supplies to operate between -40 and +70 degrees C under free air convection.

Protection functions include short circuit protection, overload or over current protection, over voltage protection, and over temperature protection. NPF-90, NPF-90D and PWM-90 series are certified with the major international regulation standards such as UL8750 and EN61347-1, and the circuit design refers to the safety norm of household electrical appliances, EN60335-1, providing high flexibility for lighting system design. Suitable applications include indoor LED lighting, LED decorative lighting, LED architecture lighting, and so on.

Mean Well Ent. Co. Ltd.
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