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90V Low RDS(on) and Drain Isolated 0.18um Power Platform

TowerJazz today announced the availability of its new advanced low-side and high-side 90V low RDS(on) LDMOS and drain isolated (DrainISO) up to 65V LDMOS, both on the TS18PM power management 0.18um platform, supporting the fast-growing demand for higher voltage integrated power management solutions for the consumer, industrial, computer and automotive markets.

TowerJazz's power management 90V DrainISO technology offers higher efficiency, lower power consumption and smaller die size due to the low RDS(on) at high voltages with high digital integration capability, providing significant advantages for motor drivers, dc-dc converters and battery management ICs used for consumer and industrial products such as drones, robots, power tools and garden tools.

As well, it addresses the 48V dc-dc converters in data centers and high voltage power over Ethernet ICs for the computer market. For the automotive market, this new offering can support a wide range of applications, from motor controls and drivers to LED headlights and LiDAR to 48V power architecture in new vehicles, enabling maximized hybrid/EVs capabilities with increased operating voltages.

The new DrainISO technology is now added to TowerJazz's high voltage power management technology; the 200V SOI which enables up to 50% area reduction compared to junction isolation in a standard foundry offering, and the 140V floating process on Bulk, a unique process for automotive battery management systems.

Both offerings include high digital integration capabilities using dense digital libraries with a large portfolio of memories saving the need for an additional control IC. Together, with the new drain isolation scheme, TowerJazz offers a wide range of isolation schemes all with very low RDS(on), and now the DrainISO with 50% RDS(on) improvement from its previous generation.

The Company has qualified all major power management flows in at least two geographically distinct production sites to ensure customer supply at all times.

TowerJazz will present its specialized foundry solutions for integrated power management trends at the 2018 APEC conference (booth #620), the premier global event in applied power electronics, in San Antonio, Texas, on March 4-8, 2018.

"We are proud to release today our new DrainISO technology with low RDS(on). This technology gives us a leading advantage for power management ICs up to 90V and with advanced drain isolation. Our strategic customers are targeting new designs with this technology during 2018," said Shimon Greenberg, Vice President of Power Management & Mixed-Signal/CMOS Business Unit, TowerJazz. "We look forward to collaborating closely with our existing and new partners to provide this exciting new technology for multiple growing markets."

TowerJazz Semiconductor, Ltd.
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