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65W Medical Adapters meet 4th Edition EMC Stds

Protek Power announced the PMP65 Series as part of their medical external power solutions for ac-dc power supply supplies. The PMP65 Series is designed for medical applications and is enclosed in a 94V-0 rated polycarbonate case and is offered in both Class I and Class II versions. Class I units are equipped with an IEC320/C6 AC inlet and Class II units are equipped with an IEC320/C8 ac inlet.

The PMP65 Series accepts an input voltage range of 85- to 265-Vac for worldwide use and offers six single output voltages of; 12Vdc, 15Vdc, 18Vdc, 19Vdc, 20Vdc, and 24Vdc. All models are designed with high efficiency ratings, feature low safety ground leakage current, no load power consumption less than 0.5W, overvoltage and over‐temperature protection, short circuit protection, MTBF of 150K hours and an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees C.

All models are compliant to EN55011 and FCC Class B radiated and conducted emissions and are approved to the latest UL/CSA/TUV 60601‐1 medical safety standard as well as EN60601‐1‐2 4th edition EMC. The PMP65 is competitively priced at $23.00 in OEM quantities.

Protek Power North America, Inc.
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