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650V GaN FETs are Automotive-Qualified

Today, Transphorm Inc. announced that its second generation, JEDEC-qualified high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) technology is now the industry’s first GaN solution to earn automotive qualification—having passed the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q101 stress tests for automotive-grade discrete semiconductors. Transphorm’s 650V automotive GaN FET, the TPH3205WSBQA, offers a typical on-resistance of 49mΩ (62mΩ,maximum) in an industry standard TO-247 package. Additional specifications include a Qrr of 136nC (typical) and a Qg of 28nC (typical).

The part initially targets on-board charger (OBC) and dc-dc systems for PHEVs and BEVs. Today, OBCs are uni-directional ac-dc converters using standard boost topologies. However, being that GaN FETs are bi-directional by nature, they are suited for the bridgeless totem-pole PFC topology. Meaning, a bi-directional OBC can then be designed with GaN to reduce the number of silicon devices, weight and overall system cost of today's solution.

"With the electrification of the automobile, the industry faces new system size, weight, performance, and cost challenges that can be addressed by GaN," said Philip Zuk, Senior Director of Technical Marketing at Transphorm. "However, supplying this market means devices must meet the highest possible standards for Quality and Reliability, those set by the AEC. At Transphorm, we have a culture of Quality and Reliability. And, are proud to be leading the industry into the new era of in-vehicle power electronics."

Due to its inherent attributes, Transphorm's GaN can support a large portion of the market. When compared to incumbent tech such as superjunction MOSFETs, IGBTs and Silicon Carbide (SiC), those attributes include: Up to 40 percent greater power density; Increased efficiency; Lower thermal budget; Reduced system weight; Up to 20 percent decrease in overall system cost; High volume manufacturing with 6-inch GaN on Silicon .

As a result, Transphorm's GaN can be used in other high-voltage dc-dc automotive systems including air conditioning, heating, oil pumps and power steering. The 650V TPH3205WSBQA (49 mΩ) TO-247 FETs are currently in production and available for US$13.89 per 1000-unit quantities.

Transphorm Inc.
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