600V Ultra-fast Trench IGBTs Optimized for Welding Applications

International Rectifier Corp. (IR) today announced the introduction of the IR66xx series of high-performance 600V ultra-fast Trench-gate Field Stop insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). The new rugged, reliable family of devices features extremely low conduction and switching losses optimized for welding applications. These devices feature a VCE(on) of 1.65V and current ratings from 30A to 160A at 100 degrees C. They are delivered in a TO-247 package, except for the 160A device which is delivered in a Super TO-247 package.

Utilizing Trench thin wafer technology to offer lowest conduction and switching losses, the new devices are co-packaged with a soft recovery low Qrr diode and feature ultra-fast switching (8KHz-30KHz) with 5µs short circuit rating. The 600V IGBTs also feature low VCE(ON) and positive temperature coefficient for easy paralleling.

"Delivering lowest conduction and switching losses, the IR66xx series provides a rugged, reliable solution for designers looking to optimize performance in welding applications," said Llewellyn Vaughan-Edmunds, IGBT Product Marketing Manager, IR's Energy Saving Products Business Unit.

The IR66xx series of IGBTs also features high switching frequency, maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees C and low EMI for improved reliability, higher system efficiency and rugged transient performance. Pricing for the IR66xx Series ranges from US $1.49 to US $4.58 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Production orders are available immediately.

International Rectifier Corp.
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