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5-Watt DC-DC Converter Boasts Cold Start Up of -55°C

Aimtec‘s new 5W dc-dc converters series, AM5E-FZ,operates at -55°C to +85°C, without derating, to support all outdoor applications, including those at risk of being exposed to severe temperature conditions. Such applications include solar inverters, smart meters, transmission equipment, security systems, traffic and advertising signage.

Outdoor temperatures in more than 24 regions across Europe and North America have been known to drop to below -45°C. Under such conditions, many outdoor applications fail simply because one or more of their internal components are not designed to operate at below -45°C.

AM5E-FZ series offers 21 models with a choice of wide, 2:1 input ranging from 9 to 72Vdc, stepping down to single or dual output ranges of 3.3 to 15Vdc, at efficiency rates as high as 87%. Design engineers will also appreciate the tight line and load regulation of 0.5% (single output models), as it ensures that stable voltages are delivered throughout the operating range, under all loading conditions.

With a fixed switching frequency of 300kHz, designs using the AM5E-FZ series benefit from a simplified filter design process, which also translates to smaller, more compact filters — an important consideration for many applications.

Other design value features include I/O isolation of 1.5kVdc, continuous short circuit protection, over load and voltage protection, all housed in a compact 2″x1″ case which stands only 0.40″ high. Samples are available from stock.

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