5-Position Sealed Mini Connectors handle 23A and 600V

Anderson Power Products (APP) announced the addition of a 5-Position offering to the Mini SPEC Pak connector family. This environmentally-sealed and touch-safe connector houses up to 5 contact positions in a compact latching shell. Power handling capabilities up to 23A and 600V ac or dc per pole allow more power in a smaller waterproof (IP68) shell than other solutions. A unique and easy to assemble back shell design enables the 5 Position Mini PL to accommodate up to 12 AWG (2.5 mm²) wires while maintaining the compact size. Gold plated contacts down to 24 AWG (0.25 mm²) are suitable for power or signal needs. Optional sequencing capabilities are available for design flexibility.

The 30µ gold plated pins are available in 3 lengths, enabling sequenced contact mating options. These contacts sit inside UV and flame resistant shells that are touch safe on both sides. The rugged and environmentally-sealed shells feature; F1 weatherability rating per UL 746C; V0 flammability rating per UL 94; and IP68, exceeds industry standards.

The SPEC Pak® Mini PL Series is a highly configurable environmentally sealed connector that can be purchased as components in bulk for volume production, or pre-packaged as a kit. Configuring a connector is an easy three step process; select the shell (plug or jam-nut style), select the sealing gland (for IP68 rating, sealing glands are required, for splash resistance in the unmated condition optional wire sealing grommets are needed), and selection of the contacts based on power-carrying needs of the application.

Anderson Power Products
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