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5-10 kW Transformerless Inverters target Residential Installations

Danfoss A/S announced the release of the smaller power sizes of the FLX Inverter Series including the new FLX 5 and an integratable PLA option for connecting remote control devices. The power sizes 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-kW are targeted for residential installations and the built in yield increasing features ensure that home owners get full utilization of their system. This release completes the release of the FLX series, which consists of inverters in the power sizes: 5-kW, 6-kW, 7-kW, 8-kW, 9-kW, 10-kW, 12.5-kW, 15-kW and 17-kW. The 5-10kW inverters have 2 independent MPP trackers, the 12.5-17kW inverters have 3 independent MPP trackers. All inverters in the FLX Series are 1000Vdc, 3×400 Vac, transformerless inverters with high efficiency and yield increasing features.

The PLA option is an easy one-click-installation unit that is integratable directly into the inverter. It provides interfaces for connecting the FLX Pro master inverter to a load management device providing remote grid management functionality. The PLA option has 6 digital inputs that can be used for setting active power reduction or reactive power set-point commands remotely. The integrated option eliminates the need for an external unit and the commands go directly from the grid operator via the remote control device to the master inverter of the PV system.

The FLX series is easy and fast to install due to its low weight. With a well thought-through packing concept, you minimize waste and save time unpacking. The visual feedback during the mounting process and the attached flip lid with dual magnets ensure a quick and proper installation. The installation wizard guides through the configuration, ensuring accurate configuration and easy choice of grid code.

By connecting the FLX inverter to a router and downloading the free Danfoss Solar App on your smartphone, you can monitor your plant in a nice user-friendly manner. The setup is hassle-free with no IT trouble. The FLX series from 5-10kW, offers 2 individual MPPTs with wide MPP ranges and fast tracking. The inverter is extremely flexible in terms of string length and module orientation and ensures high yield as shading losses are minimized due to the independent tacking.

Adaptive Consumption Compensation (ACC) and Dynamic Power Distribution (DPD) ensure maximum power generation under grid management conditions and Advanced PV sweep, reduces losses from partial shading to a minimum. Together with the high efficiency this ensures high yield. ACC, DPD and PV sweep can on top increase the yield depending on the application.

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