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4MHz 2A DC-DC Converter With 100 Percent Duty Cycle Capability

Micrel, Inc. today introduced the MIC23163/MIC23164, a 4MHz, dc-dc converter capable of delivering up to 2A in a 2mm x 2mm package. These switching regulators operate from 2.7V to 5.5V with the capability of operating up to 100 percent duty cycle, allowing them to be used in multiple applications such as powering power amplifiers, solid state drives, mobile computing devices, cellular modems, and other space constrained point-of-load applications. Utilizing Micrel’s patented Flea FET™ technology and Hyperlight Load™ control architecture, these devices can operate up to 4MHz with excellent light- and full-load efficiency. They provide an ultra-fast load transient response which minimizes output capacitance and reduces overall solution size and cost.

“Micrel’s patented FleaFET Power MOSFET technology with inherent low gate charge structure enables our next generation of innovative point-of-load products. This technology allows Micrel to maximize the efficiency and frequency of operation while reducing the solution size and cost,” stated Brian Hedayati, vice president of marketing for high performance linear and power solutions at Micrel. “The MIC23163/4 is designed for use with a very small 0.47 microhenry inductor that enables a total solution size of less than 1mm height. This makes the part ideal for applications where system designers want minimum thickness for their products including many new wearable electronic devices.”

The MIC23163/4 has a very low quiescent current of 33 microamps and achieves as high as 85 percent efficiency at 1 microamp. At higher loads, the MIC23163/4 provides a constant switching frequency of around 4MHz while achieving peak efficiencies up to 93 percent. This helps increase system operating time for battery powered devices, an on-going concern for designers and consumers. Other features of these devices include an analog enable input, power good output, and an adjustable soft-start function.

The MIC23164 also incorporates an internal switch to discharge the output capacitor when the device is shut down. These devices ensure safe startup into a pre-biased output and are specified to operate from -40 to +125 degrees C. They come in a 10-pin 2.0mm - 2.0mm Thin DFN package. The MIC23163/MIC23164 are available in volume quantities with 1,000 quantities pricing starting at $1.10.

Micrel Inc.
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