4kV XPT IGBT in a Discrete Isolated Package

IXYS Corporation announced today the availability of the IXA40I4000KN, a 4kV XPT IGBT in an ISOPLUS264 package. The IXA40I4000KN is a 4kV single discrete IGBT packaged in industry standard outline with isolated mounting surface, the ISOPLUS264. The part has high current handling capability, rated at 80A at Tc = 25 degrees C (40A at 110 degrees C) with wide safe operating areas, RBSOA and SCSOA, for extremely robust operation and a low Vcesat of 2.5V typical at 55A and 25 degrees C.

“With this latest addition to our IGBT portfolio, IXYS is offering an economical discrete solution suitable for numerous high voltage applications,” commented Dr. Elmar Wisotzki, General Manager of IXYS GmbH. “The IXA40I4000KN gives our customers a flexible, compact and reliable alternative for lower power high voltage systems. With this new product, IXYS is pursuing its roadmap to continuously expand the XPT IGBT portfolio, now offering solutions from 650V up to 4500V in various package outlines.”

Positive temperature coefficient of the on-state voltage makes the part suitable for parallel operation. These features make the product the ideal switch for very high voltage applications such as electrical grid power management, grid connected power supplies, power supplies for electric train, laser power pulse generators, solid state relays, isolation and protection switches, high voltage power supplies and regulators, solar inverters, medical equipment, motor drives and other HV industrial products.

IXYS Corp.
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