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400-Watt Series of 3.3″ x 5″ Switchers with I2C Interface

Tectrol, Inc. announced the expansion of its TIP400 series of 400 Watt (500W peak) 3.3″x5″ switchers to include a new 24V output model with I2C Interface. These power supplies deliver 16.5A of output current with 250 LFM airflow. The supply features greater than 86% efficiency with forced air cooling. The supply is designed for next-generation 1U high density applications. They deliver 12msec. of hold-up time at 90 Vac input and 400W of output. Transient response for a 25% step load with a 1A/µsec slew rate includes recovery to 1% within 1 msec. The operating temperature range is 0 to 50 degrees C.

Standard features include universal ac input with active power factor correction, current share, ac OK, dc OK, remote On/Off, over-temperature signal and I2C digital interface. Optional features include: output OR-ing FET; 5V standby output at 1A; top cover; and end-mount fan cover. All units are RoHS2 EU Directive 2011/65/EU compliant and meet Class B EMC. The product family is certified for cTUVus EN60950-1 and CE Mark (LVD) with reliability >1.1Mhrs (Telecordia SR332; 40 degrees C; full load).

The default method of digital communication utilizes I2C hardware capable of operation at a minimum of 100KHz clock (SCL) frequency. A mandatory feature of this module is that should either the module be disconnected from the incoming ac source (inserted in to a slot in an unpowered state); the module input fuse(s) fail; or the internal auxiliary supply (which derives the VCC of the I2C equipped device) fail, then any line associated with the I2C bus (SCL; SDA) should be disconnected (effectively tri-stated) from the I2C bus to prevent erroneous operation that may result from this unpowered condition.

The I2C hardware conforms to the requirements of the NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor) Standard: UM10204 I2C Bus Specification and User Manual; Rev 0.3; 19 June 2007. The supply is designed to fit a wide range of standard applications and can be modified or configured for deployment in "Customer Specific" applications. Evaluation quantities are available on-hand with production lead time of 16 weeks. Price for 100 piece order quantity is $157.69.

Tectrol Inc.
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