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3kW Power Supplies Provide Wide Output Adjustability in 3U Format

Absopulse Electronics‘ LPS 3K ac-dc power supply series with PFC input was designed specifically for applications that require wide output adjustability. This heavy-duty, industrial grade series is available in bench-top and 19″ rack-mount format and is suitable for product testing and similar purposes in engineering labs or in the field.

The units are built with internal modules that are typically available from stock for the output ranges 14-37V (24V) at 80A, 28-74V (48V) at 40A or 60-160V (125V) at 18A. Output voltage and current are displayed on analog meters on the front-panel of the unit. Output voltage adjustments are made via a potentiometer knob which is located just below the meters. Electronic adjustment by analog control voltage (0- 10V or similar) is also available. The isolated, floating output can be grounded to either terminal so the unit can be used in either positive or negative grounded systems or left floating.

The unit accepts a universal AC-input voltage (95V-264Vac). The power factor is corrected to a minimum of 0.97 at full load for the entire input range, ensuring low input harmonic distortion in compliance with EN6100-3-2 and EN61000-3-12. The AC input is equipped with a 50A input breaker, which is also used as an ON/OFF switch and is located on the front-panel for easy access. Other protection features include inrush current limiting, rectangular current limiting with short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown with self-resetting once conditions have normalized.

Cooling is by three internal fans that provide sufficient airflow for operation at full specification over a 0°C to 50°C temperature range. Extended temperature ranges are available on request. The bench-top design is housed in a ruggedly constructed 3U x 381 x 305 mm (3U x 15″ x 12″) chassis and the rack-mount version in a 3U x 19″ x 305 mm (3U x 19″ x 12″) chassis.

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