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28V DC-DCs Provide Up To 500W in 0.37-inch Profile

Vicor Corporation announced the expansion of its DCM series of dc-dc converters utilizing the VIA power packaging format. Aimed at a variety of applications, including industrial and communications, Vicor has added two new models: a 48Vdc input nominal module (36- to 75-Vdc range) in a 3414 VIA package (3.38 x 1.40 x 0.37 in) with a 28V/320W output, and a 300Vdc input nominal module (200- to 420-Vdc range) in a 3714 VIA package (3.75 x 1.40 x 0.37 in) with a 28V/500W output, achieving a power density up to 257 W/in3.

The DCM in a VIA Package is a ruggedized modular dc-ddc converter that operates from an unregulated, wide range input, to generate an isolated and regulated high efficiency output, with much higher power densities than competitive products. The new DCMs offer power system engineers a better BRICK with their enhanced functionality of EMI filtering, transient protection, inrush current limiting, and a secondary-referenced control interface for trim, enable and remote-sensing. Configurations are available for both on-board mounting and for chassis mounting.

Vicor's Power Component Design Methodology enables power system designers to reap all of the benefits of modular power component design predictable component and system functionality and reliability, fast design cycles, and easy system configurability, re-configurability and scaling while achieving system operating efficiency, power density and economy that rival the best alternative solutions.

Utilizing Vicor's online tools, power system designers select from an extensive portfolio of proven Vicor power components to architect, optimize and simulate their complete power system, all the way from their input sources to their points of load. This innovative approach to power system design delivers fast time-to-market and state-of-the-art performance while minimizing the possibility of last minute surprises and delays that so often occur with conventional or custom design methodologies.

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