25V and 30V High-Performance MOSFETs in 3x3mm Footprint

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) today announced the release of six new 25V and 30V MOSFETs ( AON7760 , AON7510 , AON7758 , AON7764 , AON7536 , and AON7538 ), the latest additions to the low voltage portfolio in compact 3 x 3mm DFN packages. These devices are suited for a variety of dc-dc step-down conversion solutions for personal computing, gaming, servers, and telecom/datacom applications.

The new devices use AOS’s proprietary power trench MOSFET technology to accomplish an exceptionally low figure-of-merit (RDS(ON) x Qg) for fast switching applications such as the latest dc-dc converters that operate over 600KHz. The AON7536 is optimized for high-side switching by minimizing Qg and Crss, thus, lowering the switching power losses. When paired with the AON7760, AON7536 can achieve 90% efficiency at 15A for a 12V input and 1.8V output.

This new 3×3 DFN family has a 20% figure-of-merit improvement from the previous generation. While keeping the same on-resistance, designers can enjoy the 20% lower Qg to operate at a higher switching frequency. In addition to the dc-dc applications, the AON7510’s ultra-low RDS(ON) 1.3mΩ (max) @ 10V is suited for conduction loss critical applications such as those with a high-current system switch, load switch, or motor drive.

“Whether the designs are fast switching or turn-on/off applications, AOS’s new DFN 3x3mm MOSFETs are able to minimize both switching and conduction loss for a cooler and more efficient operation in a common industry footprint,” said George Feng, Senior Manager of Product Marketing.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited
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