22uF and 14uF 3-Terminal Capacitors for Smartphone APU Power Lines

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced its largest capacitance 3-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor in the 05035 inch size (1.2mm×0.9mm) and 0402 inch size (1.0mm×0.5mm) for decoupling in smartphones.

The 05035 inch size provides 22uF of capacitance while the 0402 inch size provides 14uF, with the power supply line of APU as the primary intended application. Sample shipping for this product has already begun, and scheduled mass production is October 2017 for the 05035 inch size and June 2018 for the 0402 inch size.

The power circuit of the processor uses a decoupling capacitor to reduce impedance, thereby suppressing fluctuation of the power voltage and increasing stability. As the processing speed (operating frequency) of the processor increases, suppression of impedance in a wide frequency band is needed.

A 3-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor has smaller ESL than a conventional 2-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor, so it can reduce the impedance in a high frequency band with few components. Making use of this characteristic has resulted in wide adoption for smartphones and other devices where compactness and high density are needed for mounted high speed processors.

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This product uses the latest MLCC technology to achieve 22uF and 14uF in the 05035 inch and 0402 inch, respectively, and use of the structure results is low ESL. The product will contribute to further gains in compactness and high density in smartphones.

Murata is accepting Web-based requests for free-of-charge samples for the following part numbers: NFMJMPC226D0E3 and NFMJMPC226R0G3.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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