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20 V Trench MOSFETs in DFN1006

NXP Semiconductor N.V. has released four new 20-V N- and P-channel MOSFETs in DFN1006. The PMZ600UNE, PMZ950UPE, PMZB600UNE, and PMZB950UPE feature TrenchMOS technology, ESD protection greater than 1-kV HBM, and a drain-source-on-state resistance down to 470 mOhm. They are optimized for space constrained applications such as switching-circuits, load switches and relay drivers in smart phones and tablets.

All three types are housed in leadless DFN1006 packages with a footprint of only 1.0 x 0.6 mm and package heights down to 0.37 mm. These single transistor types follow on from the previously released dual types in DFN1010: PMDXB600UNE, PMDXB950UPE, and PMCXB900UE.

Features and benefits of these devices include: Trench MOSFET technology; Leadless ultra-small DFN plastic packages 1.0 x 0.6 mm; Electro static discharge (ESD) protection > 1 kV HBM; Drain-source on-state resistance RDSon = 470 mOhm and 1.02 Ohm; and very-low threshold voltage for portable applications VGs(th) = 0.7 V.

NXP Semiconductors N.V.
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