Energy Efficiency

2-in-1 LED Driver with Adjustable Current and Voltage

GlacialPower, a division of technology manufacturer GlacialTech, announces today a new dual-mode LED driver powering LED lighting from 7W to 20W. Featuring either constant-current or constant-voltage operation, the LED driver mode and power output can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of lighting and signage applications. Power input and output lines are connected via robust and easy-to-use clips.

The GP-LC7028 LED driver is two LED Drivers in one, with easy DIP switch configuration to either constant-current or constant-voltage mode for enhanced functionality. It can be easily customized to specific LED lighting needs with 8 modes of constant-current operation from 250mA to 700mA, and constant-voltage modes from 12V, 24V and 28V output available. For constant current mode with 1-10V dimming and push dimming can also easily be enabled with a dimmer.

As a Class 2 power supply, it's fully insulated and is certified to EN6134-1 and EN6134-2-13 safety standards, and has also passed EN55015, EN61000, and EN6154 in internal testing. In addition, Over-Current Protection (OCP) and Short- Circuit Protection (SCP) mean this LED driver will help customers meet all relevant safety standards in their LED lighting and signage applications.

Features include: Universal ac input up to 264 Vac; Support for Constant Current or Constant Voltage Mode; Certified to EN6134-1, EN6134-2-13; Built-in PFC Function; Fully isolated Class 2 plastic case; Constant Current mode with 1-10V Dimming and PUSH Dimming; 3-year warranty; and Over Current Protection/ Short Circuit Protection

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