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1U 2500W Front Ends offer 29W per Cubic Inch

Cosel Co. Ltd. is announcing the release of the FETA2500B high-power ac-dc front end. With an output of up to 2500W the FETA3500B provides up to 29W per cubic inch. The FETA is a 1U high design with an efficiency up to 92.5%. The FETA is space efficient; 4 FETA units take up only 19″ of space when used in a 1U high rack mount. The FETA2500B is available in a 36V and 48V output versions. Standard features include Remote ON/Off, Parallel operation, Series operation, and 12V Aux. The built in Oring MOSFET allows for current sharing for up to 10 units.

The FETA is suited for a 48V bus line, stand alone, or with multiple units using current sharing or N+1 redundancy. With the Y1 option the FETA’s output voltage can be adjusted externally from 0- to 52.8-Vdc. The input voltage for the FETA is 170- to 264Vac, single phase, and 3 units can be configured to operate on a three-phase delta ac input. Applications include Chargers, RF Generators, Medical Devices, IP Networks and other high power requirements.

With an operating temperature of -10 to 70 degrees C (with de-rating) the FETA can be used in high temperature applications. The built in fan allows the FETA to be mounted in a variety of ways to fit space requirements. The FETA has a five-year warranty, UL, CE Safety Certifications and is RoHS compliant. Cosel provides complete field support including FAE technical support to assure your design process goes smoothly.

Cosel Co. Ltd.
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