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1kW Lightweight Supply on the DIN-rail

The new 1-kW single-phase, wide input voltage range power supply from PULS GmbH has a housing width of only 125 mm and weighs just 1.9kg. These units which are over 50% lighter and more than 40% smaller than comparable power supplies in this power class. In addition to a high efficiency of 94.6% and the lowest loss performance over a wide range of loads, the power supplies are equipped with PULS HiccupPLUS overload protection. This provides a well-balanced power management that provides continuous output current repeatedly for 4 seconds on severe overload and protects mistakenly connected loads and cables against damage until the fault is cleared.

The lightweight power supply is available with 24V/40A, 36V/26.7A and 48V/20A output. The full rated load current is available over the complete temperature range of -25 to 60 degrees C. In addition, the power supply offers 50% of BonusPower® to accommodate short term overloads during normal operation.

For easy fuse tripping, the unit provides multiples of the rated output current for 10ms. The heavy duty output cable clamps ensure an easy connection of cables with a cross section of up to 10 mm (flexible). The international approval package and the wide input voltage range (100-240Vac) enables the power supply to be used in applications worldwide.

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