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150 Watt Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters

DATEL Inc. has announced the introduction of a new Quarter Brick (QB) Series that can deliver up to 150 watts of power. This new line of high power density dc-dc converters from DATEL is the preferred choice for military, industrial, distributed power architectures, telecommunications, and mobile applications.

Offering a wide 9- to 36-Vdc or 18- to 75-Vdc input range, this QB Series delivers efficiencies up to 92%. The standard output voltages are 5-, 12-, 24-, 28- and 48-Vdc that can be trimmed to a required voltage. These converters offer Input Under-Voltage Lock-Out (UVLO), and are fully protected against output overvoltage and over temperature conditions. All models have internal over current and continuous short circuit protection.

The QB Series is offered in the standard Quarter-Brick footprint and operates over the extended temperature of -40 to +105 degrees C. It features a positive or negative On/Off control function and 2250Vdc of isolation. In addition, DATEL can supply the proper heat sinks for these converters.

DATEL can supply customized input/output voltages, alternate heat-sink types, alternate packaging, UL/CSA60950 or CE Mark 2004/108/EC. Other options available from DATEL include: models optimized for lower cost, higher power models using (2:1) input ranges, lower power/cost (75W and 100W family is available in 4:1 Vin), 60W to 100W versions for Railway Applications with 43- to 160-Vdc inputs or 66- to 160-Vdc inputs.

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