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150-V N-Channel FET in Thermally-Enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 Package

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced a 150-V n-channel MOSFET in the compact, thermally-enhanced PowerPAK® SC-70 package. Claiming the industry’s lowest on-resistance at 10V in the 2mm by 2mm footprint area, the Vishay Siliconix SiA446DJ is designed to increase efficiency by reducing conduction and switching losses in a wide range of space-constrained applications. The SiA446DJ is optimized for primary-side switching in isolated dc-dc converters, boost converters in LED backlighting, and synchronous rectification and load switching for power management applications in Power over Ethernet (PoE) power device switches, telecom dc-dc bricks, and portable electronic devices. For these applications, the PowerPAK SC-70 is 55% smaller than the 3mm by 2.8mm TSOP-6 package while offering 40 % lower thermal resistance.

Built on ThunderFET® technology, the SiA446DJ offers low maximum on-resistance of 177mΩ at 10V, 185mΩ at 7.5V, and 250mΩ at 6V. At 10V, the device’s on-resistance is 53% lower than the previous-generation device in the TSOP-6 package, while its typical on-resistance times gate charge figure of merit at 10V is 54% lower for improved efficiency. Furthermore, the SiA446DJ offers 26% lower on-resistance than the latest competing device in the 3mm by 2.7mm SOT-23 package.

Extending Vishay’s portfolio of medium-voltage MOSFETs in compact, thermally enhanced packages, the SiA446DJ joins the previously released 100V SiA416DJ in the PowerPAK SC-70 and the 100V SiB456DK in the PowerPAK SC-75. The device is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and 100% RG- and UIS-tested. Samples and production quantities of the SiA446DJ are available now, with lead times of 13 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery only starts at $0.35 per piece in 10,000-piece quantities.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
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