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130W family of switching ac/dc power supplies

EOS Corporation (Camarillo, CA) announced that it has released the 130W family of open-frame switching ac/dc power supplies for applications with data-networking, telecommunications, computing and Internet equipment. EOS claims that the VLT130 family of quad- and single-output products sets a new power industry standard for high efficiency, small size and high current density, key features for designers of networking, communications and other equipment that link together phone systems, fiber optic networks and the Internet. The VLT130 offers the power density of nearly 9W per cubic inch, is 40 percent smaller in size, and is designed to be 25 percent more efficient. The VLT130 family is a part of EOS' V-Series line of open-frame switching power supplies. This series of products includes 18 quad- and single-output models and provides OEMs with dc voltage outputs. The VLT130 comes with a broad range of standard features including power factor correction, remote sense, power fail, over current and over voltage protection, tight output load regulation, and voltage trim potentiometers. The VLT130 family is also available in current sharing configurations, a feature that permits two of the power supplies to run in parallel providing full redundancy for high reliability applications. The VLT130-4100 and 4110 quad-output power supplies come with a choice of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, -12V, 15V, -15V and 24V dc output configurations. The 3.3V output offers up to 16A of current and the 5V output up to 14A of current. The VLT130-4100 models come standard with single wire current sharing across V1 and V2 outputs permitting a combined 30A of current. The single-output VLT130-1000 and 1100 models have dc outputs that range from 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V. Single-output versions can be used as stand-alone power systems for new product chip sets that require 2.5V and 3.3V power and high current up to 40A and for distributed solutions using 24V and 48V. The VLT130-1100 models come standard with single wire current share for redundancy of N+1 applications. All VLT130 models meet EN61000-3-2 standard for power factor correction, have ac input power from 90 to 264Vac, and ac/dc power conversion at 82 percent typical. The VLT130 family meets worldwide EMI/RFI requirements, including FCC and CISPR 22 Class B and CE Mark, and safety requirements including IEC, UL, c-UL and VDE. The VLT130 has an MTBF of greater that 150,000 hours and operating temperature is 0 to 50 degrees C. The VLT130 product family is available for order now with eight to ten week lead times. The quad-output models sell in quantities of 100 starting at $110 each and the single-output versions sell in quantities of 100 starting at $92 each.

EOS Corp.
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