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120kW 400Vdc MicroGrids for Data Center, Telecom and Commercial Users

Emerson Network Power today introduced the NetSure™ 9500 400Vdc power system for telecom, data center and commercial building applications. Based on the same architecture used in the 30kW NetSure 4015 system—including Emerson’s patented 15kW eSure™ rectifiers—the 120kW NetSure 9500 is Emerson’s largest 400Vdc offering. The system’s modular design enables deployment in a variety of configurations and allows for scalable growth to avoid stranded capacity and wasted floor space while delivering proven NetSure efficiency and reliability.

"Emerson has been a pioneer in the development of 400Vdc power, and the expansion of our 400Vdc portfolio better allows us to provide innovative solutions for customers in the telecom, data center, and commercial building industries," said Thomas Bennett, vice president, product management, for the Energy Systems business of Emerson Network Power. "The NetSure 9500 provides an alternative to traditional -48Vdc power systems in the telecom space and to ac UPS systems in data centers. It also is a natural fit for commercial buildings, where dc microgrids that integrate distributed energy sources are increasingly common."

The NetSure 9500 includes a power module containing sections for power conversion, controls and distribution, a distribution module for extended load distribution positions, and a battery cabinet containing one string of VRLA (valve-regulated leadacid) batteries. The system's fault-tolerant design with hot-swappable rectifiers and controls limits downtime.

For telecom providers, the move from -48Vdc to 400Vdc decreases current and correspondingly reduces the amount of copper needed for transport, reducing cabling material and installation costs by up to 80 percent. The advantage for data centers lies in the simplicity of the power chain, reducing not only conversions but potential points of failure, and thereby delivering availability that has been the hallmark of dc-powered telecom networks for decades. In fact, the first deployment of the NetSure 9500 is by Steel ORCA, a U.S.-based co-location company that provides both ac and dc solutions to its clients.

"We recognize that the industry is looking for ways to maintain or improve reliability while maintaining or reducing cost," said Dennis Cronin, chief operating officer of Steel ORCA, which worked with Emerson Network Power and StarLine DC Solutions on the turnkey power solution that includes the NetSure 9500. "Our unique hybrid approach delivers on the promise of dc power, which is guaranteed to our clients if they choose the dcDC (direct current data center) area of our center. To help potential clients better understand the implications, we are building a dcDC Demonstration Room with our industry partners."

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