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1200V Sixpacks Switch 75A and 150A at up to 16kHz

Servo applications and line converters for elevator drives demand high switching frequencies up to 16kHz. Vincotech‘s new family of 1200V sixpacks featuring flowPACK 1 and flowPACK 2 ensures your designs readily meet these requirements. On top of that, they boost efficiency and cut system costs.

Equipped with high-speed IGBT4 technology to reduce switching losses, these three-phase inverter modules deliver 75A and 150A, respectively.

These new extremely fast sixpacks are packaged in the low-inductive industry-standard flow 1 and flow 2 housings. Both modules are also available with phase-change material.

Main benefits:

  • High-speed IGBTs and soft-switching diodes for improved efficiency and very fast performance
  • Kelvin emitter configuration for enhanced current control
  • Integrated thermal sensor for more reliable systems and streamlined designs
  • General features:
  • Three-phase inverter
  • High-speed IGBT4 for reduced switching losses
  • CAL reverse diodes for reduced switching losses and higher soft-switching performance
  • Integrated thermal sensor
  • High-side sense

Target applications:

  • Industrial drives
  • Servo and elevator drives
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